Thursday, July 26, 2007

Makati Supermarket in Alabang

Jon's Hamburger sandwich


That's how I described Makati Supermarket's coffee shop food. After too long, we finally ate merienda once again at their famed coffee shop which moved to the south of Manila to make way for what is now Greenblet 2,3,etc. But that's how beloved that supermarket was, that it retained its name even though it's a whole city away from Makati.

Ma's pancit canton. Savory!

The cafe is small and unassuming but wow! the food was so good! Even my mom who's feeling depressed these days due to work only had good things to say about her pancit canton. Another thing I loved is how large the servings are at such affordable prices. Each dish cost less than a hundred pesos.

Spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce-so very Pinoy

My order of their specialty, spaghetti, was only P65! We were enjoying having a taste of each other's plates that there was practically nothing left to photograph! Good thing Jon's phone had a camera.

half of Pa's roast beef sandwich

We were already thinking of when we'd be going back there for lunch or dinner when we left because we wanted to try out their other goodies like that lobster tail for P150.mmmmm!
It's just too bad that it's out of the way for us...but it certainly is worth the trip. Makati Supermart's Coffee shop is located in Alabang Town Center.

Twink's baked macaroni, which tasted a lot like my spaghetti

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i love their spaghetti :D


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