Sunday, May 25, 2008

pinakasosyal na pamatay ng ipis

i won! i won!

got a text message that said that i was one of the first 70 people who joined havaianas' contest and would automatically receive a pair of their limited edition cockroach squashers! they arrived yesterday in a cool canister and i was so happy because these thongs(slippers or tsinelas to us) cost almost a thousand bucks a pair here and i would never spend so much unless they were bullet-proof. i mean they're slippers! they feel exactly like our local spartan slippers.

i think this all started with starbucks. who would've thought cash-strapped pinoys would buy into overpriced coffee experience? well, they did and now every capitalist followed suit. what's next, overpriced toothpicks?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

refrigerator cake with peaches and cream

Refrigerator cakes are basically easy, no-bake desserts made with broas/lady fingers or graham crackers as the base, whipped cream and fruit cocktail.

Here's how to make my variation of the ref cake:

Whip 2 cartons of 250 ml all purpose cream. Mix in half a cup of condensed milk. Place a layer of broas at the bottom of a deep dish. Spoon a layer of the whipped cream to cover the broas. Top with sliced peaches and chopped cashew nuts. Place another layer of broas, cream and nuts. Chill in ref for a few hours and enjoy! So easy yet so good! I've also used mamon as the base and it's more cake-like. Also try using walnuts or pecans!

Friday, May 09, 2008

hinulugang taktak

went to antipolo on a thursday to avoid the crowds and were able to hear mass inside quite comfortably and parking was not a problem at all. we then went up to the stairs leading to the image of our lady of peace and good voyage(sadly, no picture-taking allowed). there is now a small exhibit showing the clothes and the perfumes donated to the holy image. there were also pictures of the old cathedral which was destroyed by american bombs during the 2nd world war. most of what survived can now be found at the san agustin museum.

bas relief depicting the arrival of the image in manila

one of the few surviving statues from the original cathedral

naturally, we had to but kasuy (P300/kilo) and suman. maybe it's because it was an ordinary day, there weren't many fruits available. no duhat or mangoes, just bought some siniguelas(P60/kilo)

for P50, one can ride the hammock while 2 men carry you around the plaza

then, we decided to try and find the famed hinulugang taktak, the waterfalls of antipolo which was immortalized in the song "tayo na sa antipolo". we tried looking for it before but then as now, there are no clear signs to direct you to it. we did manage to find it now and for a measly P8, you can get in and enjoy the view of a once glorious treasure which is now sadly, polluted. foam from detergents is all over the water which is now unsafe for swimming. but there are still swimming pools and picnic tables around and i imagine that with just a bit of sprucing up and a political will, hinulugang taktak can be saved.

save hinulugang taktak!

too bad they were cleaning the big pool that day

Sunday, May 04, 2008

things i learned about bohol

here are some tidbits i learned from my trip to bohol

-like the mexicans, boholanos pronounce the "y" as "j" so "maayong adlaw"(good day) becomes "maajong adlaw"

-because of the 85-year rebellion led by francisco dagohoy , all the churches in bohol are built only around the periphery of the island as dagohoy's men controlled the mountains.

-there are no NPAs/rebels here because there were no sprawling haciendas here so most of the lands the boholanos till are their own.

-nowadays, europeans own most of the property by the seashore because according to our driver, mang jun, the locals didn't think much of saeside land because it was not arable.

-one property owned by a german has a huge balete /banyan tree which old people say is the home of spirits and elves. he did not believe in that but consulted a shaman anyway who said the spirits allowed their tree to be included in his property. what's curious is that there is another balete tree they didn't fence in and they had to make the gate go around it. maybe those spirits didn't want to belong to the german's land?
-sinigang is called tinola in the visayas and they use tomatoes to make it sour. they also put ginger and red bell peppers. they also put red bell peppers in the bam-i , their version of the pancit. i love how they serve colas and other bottled drinks here with the straw firmly held up by tissue to prevent flies and sand from getting in your drink.

-sandugo /blood compact (from twink's first trip to bohol)

-contrary to popular belief, Sulayman and Lopez de Legazpi drew blood from their chest and not from their wrists to signify their friendship.
-baclayon church
-the oldest chruch in bohol is made of coral, limestone and eggwhites. in the olden days only the rich had pews with chairs, some of which can still be seen there. for the more snobbish, there was a special area on the second floor where they could hear mass without mingling with the indios.


-do not touch the tarsier's heads as the top of their heads(bunbunan) is very delicate

-tarsiers can rotate their heads 180 degrees and not 360 degrees like the possessed in the exorcist

-tarsiers are very territorial and may commit suicide by banging their head on a tree if transferred to a different location.

-tarsier sex lasts only 2-3 seconds but may last longer on a full moon.

-in contrast, the butterfly, which only has sex once in its lifetime lasts 6-10 hours (ay bastos!)


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