Friday, September 27, 2013

Malacanan Palace

We visited MalacaƱan Palace after lunch at Casa Roces. We had to give our full name and complete date of birth to the coordinator  10 days before our trip so that the government could check out our backgrounds, I guess. Also, there is a dress code. No slippers, mini skirts or sleevelss tops. We also had to go through 2 sets of checkpoints  before we could get to the entrance of Kalayaan Hall, above.

It looks very elegant and ornate, befitting a president's residence/office.

Casa Roces Manila

 Last Tuesday we went to Malacanang for an educational tour of Manila. I had never been to Malacanan Palace so I was quite excited.
First, we went to Casa Roces, which is just across the Palace, for lunch. They also arranged our trip to the Malacanang museum.
Casa Roces used to be the home of Chino Roces, publisher of The Manila Times. Their logo was a newsboy selling the paper and a statue of that newsboy welcomed us at Casa Roces.


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