Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pueblo por la playa

Wow, Christmas on the beach!

We went to an exclusive resort in Pagbilao,Quezon called Pueblo por la playa on Dec. 23 for a Christmas reunion with my uncle and aunt. I got pretty excited when I saw the website and hoped the place would live up to the hype. My tito Alan was also excited to go there and he asked us all to get to Lucena early and bring hawaiian shirts and santa hats. He said his dream was for someone to develop Quezon's beaches. Malayo ang tingin

Pueblo is for members only or like Tagaytay Highlands, you have to know a member who will be charged for everything later. The resort is mexican-inspired from the loud colors to the cacti to the tex-mex(kinda) cuisine.
Food time!
I am happy to report that the place does not disappoint. Their kids pool is huge! Their infinity pool is breathtaking and while the sand is only white on top, the sea is calm and inviting --and clean! But do bring aqua shoes as there are sharp stones a few feet into the water. While the place is new and really beautiful, my tito doesn't see it making a bundle of money, though. Not only is it very expensive and far from the usual destinations, but it also doesn't have a golf course which the Koreans and other tourists would love. Maybe in the future, they'll add the golf courses to bring in the tourists. But not too soon, I hope.
Kiddie pool
Some tips:
-You can't bring food inside, the guards really check each bag you will bring in. All food items will have to be left in your vehicle out in the parking area. (They have a colorful jeep you ride in to get in and out of pueblo)Food inside is expensive.
-They charge an outrageous P300 per person to swim in their pool and that doesn't include the use of the towel which will cost you P30.( The more exclusive Tagaytay Higlands only charges P150) They do give you a baller wristband which acts as your entry pass to use the pools.
Infinity pool!
-Bring your own soap and shampoo, too!
-However, an overnight stay in their villas is a steal! P3,000 for 4 people (with breakfast) on weekends and P2,000 on weekdays! And that includes access to the beach and pools! Had we known earlier, we would have stayed overnight.
Colorful room and beds
Oooh! Bathtub!


Anonymous said...

can u do snorkeling?

mojacko said...

hi, i wasn't able to try it,but i suppose you could! :)

Anonymous said...

HI, the place looks awesome... do you mean this place is for members only.. do you know if this place is open for public?

mojacko said...

Pueblo is for members only or you have to know a member who will vouch for you and will be charged for all the expensus you incur there later.

juanderfulpinoy said...

ang ganda ganda talaga ng beaches sa pilipinas ... ang sarap maglakwatsa

Anonymous said...

prices are sky high now. entrance is not 300 but 550, rooms are not 2000 but 7450 weekends 8050.
consider they have a bad management. many items are broke or not available. only the beach and swimming pool is always available.
bad expirence. better placES to go for less money.


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