Friday, August 29, 2008

T shirt art!

I love having 2 days off from work. Even if it's not a regular weekend, it gives me a chance to rediscover my hobbies like editing and burning DVDs and now, fabric painting! I used to do lots of these in high school and college but work got in the way.
I've had this in my head for years but it's just now that I finally got around to it. My mom bought these shirts years ago! I call the painting above "Dalagang nagte-text." I used acrylic and fabric paint to sign it. My canvas is an XL cotton black shirt.

This is the first of my "I luv eat" series. This is "halo-halo-special ." Acrylic and fabric paint on Medium electric blue shirt.And this is "Mahilig si padre sa Starbucks White tsokolate-e"My sister says I could make a killing if I sold these at her school. But if I handpainted lots of these, my arm would fall off.


UPDATE: i have placed more shirt paintings on my multiply site

Friday, August 22, 2008

Binibining Twinkle

Twinx in traditonal Filipino garb for their school's Buwan ng wika celebration

Food finds at Glorietta 4 foodcourt

Went to watch Wall E at Glorietta 4 last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to find a small Dulcelin stall near Gourdo's where they sell their mango torte and other sweets and unlike Cuervo, they sell a smaller serving of their torte for people who want that sweet fix but can't shell out P700+. Dulcelin offers a big frozen cup for P80.

But I must admit that I much prefer Cuervo's mango torte. I find Dulcelin's version too sweet , with a peanut brittle-like nougatine base which also had something like coconut milk mixed in. A nine inch version is "always available " for P580 but I'm more interested in their strawberry cake which is a bit pricey (6" cake for P550, 10", P950) but I'm told is delectable but advance notice is required. Call 374 2165 or mobile number 0917 535 2592. or email them at

I also saw a sign that said that Savory,(sometimes mispronounced here as "sah-boree") the old chicken restaurant will soon have a stall in the foodcourt! I'm excited! They serve delicious fried chicken and a flavorful pancit canton that makes my mouth water just writing about it. Hope to see you soon!

Monday, August 18, 2008

baby keana

i'm editing some of my family's videos and i just had to show this video of my cousin's daughter keana when she was a baby back in 2003...they're in the states now and i miss them. :( baka di na nila ako kilala...

Friday, August 15, 2008

linggo ng wika

Como esta?
Nanu buri mu? Mangan!
Usa, duha, tula...
Unsa nahitabo sa atong naanindot na yuta?
i saw an entertaining episode of 100% Pinoy (GMA7, Thursdays, midnightish) about Filipino , the language, just in time for our Linggo ng Wika, or National Language Week. Kara David and Joaqui Valdes featured gayspeak, cono vs tambay speak, callcenter english and American mormons who learned Filipino to preach here. I learned that we have 170 languages and that a version of our native writing, alibata, still exists among our mangyan tribes in Mindoro.

This made me recall a story (though I don't know if it's accurate) about our national hero Jose Rizal and how he was on a ship to Manila and sat beside a German and a French passenger. He was able to converse with them in their language. And then he sat beside a Bisaya and an Ilocano and he couldn't communicate with them.

It's a pity that we weren't taught Spanish by the colonizers, I once said to my Canadian cousin, we can't even read Rizal's masterpieces in the original language. And maybe we'd be united if we all spoke a common language...
My cousin , who's been around the world, said that while that may be unfortunate, at least we were able to preserve our various native languages that would otherwise have been obliterated the way the Aztec and Mayan languages have been forgotten...and when I think about it, lots of other countries speak the same language but they still have strife and disunity. And aside from our features, our language is one of the few links we still have with the rest of Southeast Asia.

And while decades later, the debate on Tagalog =Filipino as a national language still rages, I remember an older classmate in my Spanish 1 class. When asked if he agreed that Spanish should be taught in school again, contrary to what any grade-conscious freshman would answer, he said no(!) he said universities should instead offer courses in our rich native languages. UP, i believe, has one subject but it studies all of them. But who knows, maybe in the future, students will be having Bisaya 101 or Kapampangan 11. New Zealand even offers subjects like Filipino as a second language in their schools.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

when i was smarter than a fifth grader...

in the days before cellphones with digital cameras, we had a class play for our reading class and our teacher required us to document rehearsals with pictures. i don't know who took these pics i found in our cabinet but i am eternally grateful. these are priceless ! Above, that's me as the director in the bitin polo shirt with Lennard Saballe acting like an old man. I wish I could remember what this play was.looking on are dennis serna, christian magno and others whose names escape me at present. sorry!

That's Aldwin Balde acting all contrary as usual.

That structure behind us is all gone now. We used to stay under them when it rained while we were playing patintero
Age of innocence: classmates Frank Lopez, Cyrus Cunanan, William Tolentino, Hernandez, Narvaez, Hugo, Lipana and Vargas. We were called by our surnames in school. Very military-like, no?

That's Abot probably before a costume change.

That's one of my fave teachers, Ms. Evasco, now Mrs. Salcedo.

That's Dennis Rosel and other classmates right before the play. The date on the board says March 20, 1989! Too bad the pics of the actual play were exposed and ruined.


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