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Where to eat in El Nido

One of the most affordable restaurants in El Nido is the Skyline Grill. Lonely Planet calls it a slightly more upscale version of the turo-turo or carinderia.  You can choose from the different dishes behind the glass counter which range from P30 up, or you can order something from the menu, which are around P100 and above.  You can also buy something from the market and have them cook it for you for a reasonable fee.

Just don't accuse the owner of trying to cheat you because Aling Pacing,who is also an active church leader, will put you in your place.A foreigner once made this mistake and refused to listen to Aling Pacing's explanation (much to the embarrassment of his companions) so she gave him his money back and told him to leave and bring his trash with him.

The food from the glass counter is ok but the serving is quite small. Food form the menu is better but service may be uneven. When we had merienda on the first floor under Aling Pacing's watchful eye and entertaining banter, food was great and served quickly but when we ate dinner at the second floor (it was quieter up there) service was slow. On another night, we ordered steamed fish cooked in the Chinese style (stuffed with onions and ginger with soy sauce) but we got a grilled fish instead. The cook probably got confused as there was a big group downstairs. Nevertheless, we would go back to Skyline anytime.

El Nido, the swift's nest before it's cleaned and packed.

Don't forget to try at least once a bowl of authentic nido soup (P200) made from real swift's nest, which Aling Pacing called Palawan gold. It's a little bland but the nido strands are bigger.

Skyline Grill is on Rizal St, Buena Suerte, just a few steps from the catholic church.
Owner, Pacita Paredes, can be reached at  0921 6862329.
Steamed maya-maya with mayonnaise, around P200

This is the free breakfast we got from Marina Garden. Comes with instant coffee. While they also serve luch and dinner, we never really got the chance. Plus, beachfront restos charge higher. We ate corned beef so often we vowed not to eat it again  for a week!

El Nido Art Cafe is a classy but still laidback resto which is the go-to place of every tourist. Food is a bit on the expensive side nut service is top-notch.

We only had room for dessert but we would have loved to stay here longer. They have a large selection of books you can borrow and on some nights they have live music.

My sister ordered the crepes while we got the lemon and coconut pie and the mango tart at around P100 each. While the lemon pie was good, too much coconut made it feel like bibingka but the mango tart was a clear winner. Each bite was bursting with surprising delight.

El Nido Art Cafe also has a Boutique for most everyting you might need and their souvenir shop has lots of tastefully designed tshirts (P180-P250)which are not found in Puerto Princesa.

El Nido Boutique & ArtcaféSirena St., Buena Suerte
Tel. Office: +63-9209026317
Marber's was something I found on the internet and I'm glad it did not disappoint. Most meals are priced at around P180 but for me, this was one of the best in El Nido. Food is cooked upon ordering so expect to wait a while.

Ma ordered the bolognese which was good but paled in comparison to the grilled squid in garlic and butter, grilled tanigue and even the breaded chicken. But the best was the steak with mushroom sauce(P250) which our waitress recommended. My mouth waters just remembering the juicy and tender meat smothered in real mushroom and gravy! Servings are big and the staff are very attentive. They also honor senior citizen cards so our bill was just less than P1000! Highly recommended!

Marber's is on beachfront property near Og's lodging.
+63 (0) 92 7465 8311

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Lisa said...

Tried Nido soup last year from like . Tastes really good... yeah, I thought it was gross at first, but wow, you won't regret it.


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