Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where to stay in El Nido

I chose Marina Garden Resort not only because it came highlt recommended by a friend, but also because it had a very informative website and most of all, it was the only one I could find that had  satellite TV! I tried not having a TV last year in Coron and only brought my portable DVD player but we got bored! Plus, it was an election year and we just couldn't stand not knowing what was going on in the rest of the country.

Tip: The country villa is good for 2-3 people at most. But I asked if all 5 of us could stay in one villa because it looked huge in the photos. Well, it's not. It's pretty narrow. Only 2 extra mattresses fit on the floor. (One in the path  leading to the bathroom) What you can do is book one aircon villa and one fan room/cottage if you don't want to feel like sardines in a can.

We paid P3,050 a night and that came with breakfast for all of us. Beds were clean and soft, aircon excellent and water pressure was good. What's peculiar is that the bathroom did not have a towel rack so we didn't know where to place our towels when we took a bath.
While they did provide us all with towels, you had to pay P30 if you wanted a new one, so we had to always dry our towels out every day.

Securtiy was not a problem. The police station is just beside the resort and they have a perimeter fence which they close at night guarded by a watchman.

It's just too bad that while our beachfront villa offered amazing views of the sea, the water did not look inviting. A good alternative for beach lovers would be to stay at Corong-corong beach on the other side of the town. Greenviews has a vast expanse of beach all to itself as the rest of the structures nearby are privately owned. The water here is crystal clear and undoubtedly clean. The only downside would be that you'd have to take a trike to town to eat elsewhere.
 And as with all of El Nido, no electricity from 6am to 2pm. Even posh El Nido Beach Hotel with widescreen TVs and computers in every room doesn't have a generator!

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