Sunday, April 05, 2015

Visita Iglesia 2015: Southside

Even the Mama Mary in the grotto was covered with a purple veil
We got irritated at the exorbitant parking fees some people in Manila were charging us during our Visita Iglesia in Manila 2 years ago that we decided we wouldn't be fooled again. So we've decided to stay in the South side of the Metro--Paranaque.
First stop was our parish of Padre Pio. (See photo above)

Next stop was a church we hadn't visited in years-- Saint Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susana Parish in Ayala, Alabang. This reminds me of the churches I see in Mexican telenovelas.

Inside the Ayala Alabang church... looks rather small, no?

They have painted bas relief stations of the cross

Here's a sight you don't see everyday---light traffic along the service road and expressway!
Third stop was Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Posadas, which is undergoing a facelift.
Love their stained glass illuminated stations

The carrozas all lined up for the procession on Good Friday
No wonder thre was a crescent moon instead of a cross on that tower!
Next stop was the Resurrection of our Lord Parish in BF Homes, another church we hadn't visited in years! We forgot where it was located and almost went inside a mosque!

Back in the day, I remeber the thick metal bars at the side of the church. Now, it's airconditioned with a textured roof that I guess is for better acoustics.

There was an old lady who was in charge of opening and closing the sliding doors to enter and exit the church. I felt sorry for her because people kept coming and going.

They have a man-made cave that doubles as a grotto on ordinary days and as the setting of the resurrection for Easter Sunday's salubong tradition
Mama trying out the papier mache stone made to cover the cave for the passion play

5th stop was another church we used to go to, The Mary Mother of Good Counsel church in Marcelo. Nothing much has changed since our visit last year, but we did notice it was really dark in th parking areas around the church.
6th stop was the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, which is like the mother ship of many Bosconians.
I miss the artworks our school used to entice kids to join the clubs

Finally, our last stop was our perennial finale, the very modern St. Alphonsus in Magallanes. Inside, all the lights were turned off ,except for the tabernacle, for a very solemn effect

Their columbarium even has a sculpture of Jesus seemingly rising out of a pool of water.

Magallanes has always been our last stop because we used to go to the nearby Max's resto for dinner. More on that in our next post.


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