Saturday, September 29, 2007


Here's a cartoon I made for my sister's school poster.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Re-imagining Zuma

With all the remakes of Darna, Panday and Capt. Barbell these days, I was thinking what about big green baddie Zuma? But instead of the sappy soap routine, I think Zuma should be remade into a sitcom!

In my story, Zuma has repented his evil ways and has mellowed thanks to marriage and fatherhood. His wife, Ghirlie, has forbidden him from eating virgins' hearts and is now a nurse working abroad. Zuma must now raise teenage daughter Galema alone. Jobless, overweight and addicted to junk food, Zuma finds out that even immortals can face a mid-life crisis.

His only friends are the snakes on his shoulders the evil Tuklaw and the dimwitted Tukmol.

Galema("call me Gayle"!) is a typical teenager rebelling against parental authority. She has twin anorexic snakes in her hair, the party animal Ashley and the bookworm, Mary Kate.

O-ha! Special guest stars could be Tita Valentina, Gayle's aunt and Robinson, the twin snake of a Chinese mall tycoon.
UPDATE!!!!check out my first zuma strip here

Monday, September 10, 2007

blood stones!

Remember my post on Corregidor here ? That short vacation sprung to mind when I was walking in our garden and saw the blood stones my mom collected from the island and made my pa carry in his bag. I think she had a kilo of them! They're called blood stones because some sort of chemical reaction leaves a reddish-pink color on the stones. No, they were not tainted by the blood of all the soldiers killed in the war!


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