Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mojacko's recently viewed DVDs

Since Twinx's school was shut down due to a case of the swine flu, we bought some, ehem, DVDs to pass the time. We watched Coraline, T2 and Shake, Rattle and Roll X.

I had no idea about what Neil Gaiman's Coraline was about but it was an exciting experience! This is the only movie where I don't hate that precocious Dakota Fanning! From one of the makers of "The nightmare before Christmas," Henry Selick's movie is about the adventures of a girl named Coraline who finds a door that leads to a parallel world where everything is perfect except for the fact that the people there have buttons for eyes and her "other mom" wants her to stay there and sew button eyes on her, too! Plus, I love the roles of Brit duo, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders! Hilarious and scary!

Chito Rono's T2 is not Terminator 2 but stands for Tenement 2, the setting of the climax of the latest Star Cinema horror flick. It has an interesting and promising premise about our local folklore's encantos.


Maricel Soriano is a woman whose marriage is crumbling when she decides to bring an orphan girl to her new adoptive parent in T2 but all sorts of strange beings keep following them from Samar to Manila to get the girl who is a child of a man and an encanto.
My main problem with this movie is that is seems to have confused encantos with the aswangs. Encantos are enchanted beings who can be wicked and playful but not evil. Here, encantos turn into giant black boars, rats or wall-crawling creatures with green-grey skin who are vanquished by throwing salt at them. I also find it funny that in the movies, the encantos' world looks like Hong Kong Disneyland complete with fireworks, though a very interesting blog claims that this otherworldly beings do live in a very modern world replete with golden castles and hi-tech airplanes. (But what for, when they can travel anywhere in the blink of an eye?)

While Maricel is a competent actress, Rono should have reined in the young girl's OA tendencies and take a cue from Haley Joel Osment's mysterious turn in The Sixth Sense.

Finally, while we all started giving up on the Shake Rattle and Roll franchise after the brilliant first movie featuring Ishmael Bernal's "Pridyider" and Peque Gallaga's "Manananggal," right? But every now and then a jewel rises out of the muck like Lore Reyes' "Aswang" in part 2 or part 3's "Nanay" by Gallaga.

For part 10, upon my sister's recommendation, I skipped to the third part titled "Nieves" starring Marian Rivera as an encanto-buster who retires after losing her husband(Pekto) to an encanto queen. Far from being scary, this is intentionally funny and so refreshing! Forget T2, the encantos here are naughty, seductive and speak in a weirdly familiar language. It turns out one of the encantos (Iwa Moto) spoke swards speak (gay language!)

This movie showcases Marian's true calling : comedy! Forget another remake of Darna, they should make Nieves into a TV series!

This part got such good buzz, Regal Films is turning it into a full-length movie this year!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twinx invades Bicolandia!

Twinx and a co-teacher were sent to Bicol for a school activity. Their former president went with them on a tour of the Mayon volcano and fortunately, they had a cool tour guide/photographer who took some amusing photos.Climb every mountain, search high and low, follow every byway, jump over a volcano...

Suddenly Sister Mikee turned into a 50 foot nun!!! RAWRRR!!!Luckily, Twinx found a magic stone and swallowed it to become......a 50-foot girl and tried to climb up the Cagsawa bell tower!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


definition: preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind

It all started with a cool Francis Magalona t-shirt I saw somebody wearing on the jeep. It was always out of stock so I found myself buying similar shirts carrying the designs of the flag and I've learned to appreciate how cosmic-cool our flag looks. The symmetry of the sun, the primary colors, plus, yeah what it symbolizes, too. And yes, I know there's a law against wearing the national symbols but till they start arresting Manny Pacquiao et al., I'm buying some more and making my own super-hero team!

and Happy Independence Day!!!

Found this Manny Pacquiao windbreaker on the internet. Cool collector's item , no?
My sister quipped "Did a Philippine flag throw up on you?"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

twinx in ilocandia

Pictures from Twinx's trip to Ilocandia. They had a school meeting there and they went to Ilocos Norte, Marcos' tomb, Pagudpud and Vigan, where my balikbayan aunts, uncle and I were supposed to go in 2006 after our Wowo's death anniversary. Captions to follow


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