Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fly, fly fly Boracay

SEAIR and ivan about town are having a contest and the prize is a trip to Boracay! All I have to do is blog about the airline and why I deserve to win so here goes: Seair was definitely on my list of airlines when I finally decided to fly to Boracay. I didn't want to use Cebu Pacific or PAL because their big planes meant you'd have to land on Kalibo ride a bus for an hour before getting to Caticlan then to Boracay. It would be our first time there and we didn't want to get lost.I was also impressed by their ads in the Inquirer that said they had the fastest jets: Manila to Boracay in 35 minutes! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to book a flight with them and went with Asian Spirit instead. While Asian was ok, I did feel a bit jealous of the passengers of the Seair planes who would be getting to the island paradise quicker.

Why do I deserve to win? Well, I've never ridden on their plane and I have lots of balikbayan relatives who want to go to Boracay and I really must experience a ride on their plane so I can make an informed decision as to which airline to recommend to my relatives.hehehe.I've also heard that Boracay has gone through some changes since my first visit and while some of them have been good, like the clearing of the beach of eyesores, I've also read about the overflowing creeks and the PTA's Robert Dean Barbers stamping his name all over the cemented walkway. I have to go back to Boracay to see if the island is still worth visiting! Baka mapahiya ako sa mga kamag-anak ko! No, I won't be going there to frolic in the clear turquoise waters or roll in the fine white sand. I'll go there to conduct a serious journalistic investigation...and well, maybe a little bar-hopping and boat riding and milkshake sipping and beach combing and...andyan na rin lang tayo di ba? why not?!


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