Sunday, March 29, 2009

pa's birthday and earth hour

Chicken risotto was ok, not as fantastic as the seafood risotto

The shrimps wrapped in bacon and asparagus was an explosion of flavor! Too bad there were only 4 pieces.

we had dinner at italianni's for pa's birthday and we were worried about what would happen if we stayed till 8:30pm, when Makati and the rest of the country turns off their lights for earth hour. The waiters informed us that their resto would only be dimming their lights and provide candles because they might have food accidents if they turn off all their lights. Too bad, since we were planning to escape in the darkness when we asked for our bill. hehe.
Most of Ayala did turn off their lights and according to the news, so did SM's Mall of asia.

this was the view from greenbelt's parking lot.

and this is greenbelt 1 all dark save for the headlights of vehicles.

and this is amorsolo street and mile long. some establishments chose not to participate... earth killers! booo!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Savory Lomi

It rained hard this week on what was supposed to be the first few days of summer vacation which had me craving for some comfort food like Savory's steaming hot bowl of Lomi. I wasn't too happy with my first experience with Lanmark Makati's Savory outlet at their food court. It was near closing time and the food was very oily. But I ordered the lomi right in the middle of the day and got a really , well, savory dish that engulfs you in a heady mix of noodles and shrimp and rich, delectable soup. It's a bit pricey for a merienda at P120 but just about right for lunch or dinner. You'll feel full for hours. Be warned , though, of the MSG. One hour later my head was spinning though it also may have been from sleep deprivation. It may be better to have this at the end of the day so you'll have sweet dreams of lomi goodness.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

birthday at Cyma

I saw Watchmen(and i liked it) and then met my family at Greenbelt 2 (or is it 3? I really don't know which is which ) for dinner. I suggested we try out Cyma, a greek-resto which was full even on an ordinary Thursday night so we had to wait for a long time to be seated because their 2nd floor ventilator was broken so it was too smoky upstairs even for the waiters!We had some salad and spinach and artichoke fondue...

...some traditional greek food like the chicken gyro(it's like a shawarma) and mousakka...Yes, that white thing on top is a layer of goat cheese. Ack! my arteries!...but the clear winner was the roasted lamb which was tender and flavorful. The general consensus was that we liked Italianni's better especially since their prices are similar but we miss the tomato sauce! And the free bread appetizer and the free drinks when you're waiting for a table.


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