Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coron music video

Here's a short clip of our Coron adventure in 2009

Friday, February 12, 2010

I won! I won! but...

Recently, I got an email saying I won 3rd place in the Mentos contest and another email saying I voted for the 3rd place winner in the same contest. Yes I voted for myself because one of the criteria for judging was how many votes you get. Almost immediatly after, I got another email recalling the first 2 emails. I could only win once and since no one else voted for me, I don't know what'll happen to the other Ipod shuffle.
Lesson learned: next time, enter someone else's name. :)
Anyway, I got a green Ipod shuffle 4Gig from the good people at mentos. Since this wasn't the first time I had won in a contest,(exhibit A, B, C) I had my 2 valid IDs photocopied before I went to claim my prize. When I handed this over to the person in charge, she realized that I was no ordinary winner... I was...a professional contest joiner!

I gave the Ipod to my sister since it was her camera and photo. Plus, I already have a Creative mp3 player. Here's to more wins in the future!


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