Friday, April 03, 2009

I won! I won! again (again)

I love joining raffles and contests . My old profs used to tell me promos were meant to drive sales and get new patrons but I only joined promos if I were already using the products (like the Samsung)or like in the case of the Havianas, if there was no purchase necessary.
But when I saw that Meiji chocolates had a textraffle promo, I knew I had the perfect excuse to buy some more macademia chocolates. And last March, I got a letter informing me that I had won a 6300 cellphone!

What's my secret? I just keep on joining! I've joined Gobingo, the lotto, and PSR's premyo sa resibo countless times and lost over and over but it hasn't stopped me from joining other raffles/contests. As I read somewhere, You only lose all the bets you don’t make.

Another tip I do have, always be on the lookout for promos that come out in newspapers.Everyone joins the raffles on tv so your chances of winning are exponentially slimmer. Newspaper readers are fewer and some of them are well-off and won't even bother to join.


aiLee920 said...

you're so lucky kua mojacko...
sana ako ren ganun... ehhehe:D kaso, hindi naman ako nasali sa raffles eh... how sad....

congratulations by the way,,,
baka sa susunod namin punta dyan, puro prices na ang laman ng house nio... LOL!!!

mojacko said...

thanks. join ka lang ng join! pero baka ibenta ko nga yung phone kasi meron pa akong phone, yung PDA na bigay sa akin ni kuya alan


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