Monday, March 26, 2007

doodles from the past

Sorry I haven't blogged for a long time. It's because of the evil of the internet. All my free time is consumed by my obsession with this forbidden fruit called---free tv! Yes, I've been watching episodes of my favorite American shows online, from Family Guy to Ugly Betty. They sometimes take a while to load so I fill the time doodling some characters I created when I was in high school including this:

For the first time online, may I introduce my Justice League!Arkipelago! It's really my take on Darna and Captain Barbell plus some characters inspired by the Phoenix, the Flash and ninjas. In my comic book, Fil-Jap twins and scientists/entrepreneurs tap the rest of the gang to serve as a super hero strike force to combat bad guys that the police can't handle. The end of book 1 had my Darna version called Nadine die trying to stop evil sorceress Maxara from opening a portal between her world and ours. (Uso kasi nun yung mga namamatay na superman, jean grey, etc.)
Book 2 was supposed to be an epic rescue of Nadine from the fairy world which lifted heavily from a book I read. But schoolwork and laziness eventually defeated me so that story never got told. That's why I admire one of my early mentors Tobie Abad for actually finishing his works and uploading them.

But the funniest thing happened while I was doodling. I suddenly remembered a hero I created before Arkipelago...a crime fighter inspired by presidential daughter Kris Aquino!!! I don't even know if she had an alias but I do know that she had a yellow battle suit with an L(as in Laban) logo. Note the lasso made out of barbed wire...very Edsa revolution/street protest fashion!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Suzu Kin

Last January, we said goodbye to one of our officemates. She had been with the company for 20 years and was finally convinced that it was time she prioritized her family. We were saddened by her news not only because she always brought fod with her, but also because in the short time we spent with her (she moved to our section barely a year ago) we found her to be genuinely delightful.
That's why for her despedida, we had not one, but 3 farewell dinners in her honor! The first one was a North Park feast at the office. Next was a late dinner at Suzu Kin. We just upped and went to the small resto tucked away in a little corner of Makati. The sign was rather small and the place wasn't fancy. The menu was written on folders posted on the wall and the serving dishes very plain. But the food was delectable and very affordable!For P110, you could have a sampler of tempura, tonkatsu and other specialties. May rice at miso soup pa!So if you're hankering for authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices, check it out!


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