Monday, March 26, 2007

doodles from the past

Sorry I haven't blogged for a long time. It's because of the evil of the internet. All my free time is consumed by my obsession with this forbidden fruit called---free tv! Yes, I've been watching episodes of my favorite American shows online, from Family Guy to Ugly Betty. They sometimes take a while to load so I fill the time doodling some characters I created when I was in high school including this:

For the first time online, may I introduce my Justice League!Arkipelago! It's really my take on Darna and Captain Barbell plus some characters inspired by the Phoenix, the Flash and ninjas. In my comic book, Fil-Jap twins and scientists/entrepreneurs tap the rest of the gang to serve as a super hero strike force to combat bad guys that the police can't handle. The end of book 1 had my Darna version called Nadine die trying to stop evil sorceress Maxara from opening a portal between her world and ours. (Uso kasi nun yung mga namamatay na superman, jean grey, etc.)
Book 2 was supposed to be an epic rescue of Nadine from the fairy world which lifted heavily from a book I read. But schoolwork and laziness eventually defeated me so that story never got told. That's why I admire one of my early mentors Tobie Abad for actually finishing his works and uploading them.

But the funniest thing happened while I was doodling. I suddenly remembered a hero I created before Arkipelago...a crime fighter inspired by presidential daughter Kris Aquino!!! I don't even know if she had an alias but I do know that she had a yellow battle suit with an L(as in Laban) logo. Note the lasso made out of barbed wire...very Edsa revolution/street protest fashion!

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