Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sasha and Catty

this is sasha ignoring Catty the cat

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best and worst of 2009

The committee: Me, myself and I Sasha the dog

As we welcome the year of the Tiger, we look back at the year that was and present a very personal, very biased Best and Worst list of 2009

Best movie of the year: Kimmy Dora
Hands down the funniest movie of the year because of Eugene Domingo's talent and Joyce Bernal's crazy ideas.

Honorable mention: Up

From the opening montage to that furry talking dog, I was hooked.

Worst movie of the year: Transformers 2

"I fall" seriously?!?

Dishonored: Shake, rattle & roll 11

I didn't see it but my sister strongly recommended it. Ruffa Gutierrez acting is scary enough.

Best TV show: Glee

The one show I just had to watch as soon as possible. I love the evil coach Sue Sylvester and her adidas jackets.

Honorable mention: Adik sa'yo

Not many people saw this but I just preferred laughing over crying on primetime

Worst TV show of the year: Rosalinda

It could've been the next Marimar but whoever casted the leads should be fired. Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann were painful to watch and Sheryl Cruz is a pathetic villain.

Also sucked: Lovers in Paris

My mom said it was awful.

Best song of the year: Bayan ko (as sung by Lea Salonga)

Tita Cory's death and the events that followed brought back memories for a tired nation. Lea's mvoing tribute lit a fire our collective spirits and gave us hope again.

Notable: Nobody by the Wonder girls, Poker face by Lady Gaga

Catchy tunes that made us want to dance but hearing them over and over again almost made them unbearable.

Worst song of the year: Ikaw na nga by Willie Revillame

Ugh, Rico J. Puno wondered if it was a finished song or just a demo.

Best trend of the year: Going green, SM's mall-wide "Bring your own bag day"

SM finally recognized that their plastic bags were the leading polluters of our time and made a very impressive first step by making Wednesdays a no plastic bag day to force people to go green.

Honorable mention: RP flag, 3 stars and sun design on shirts

From OFWs to Noynoy Aquino, there's a new sense of pride that has swelled up and while some of it may just be fake nationalism, I cannot discount the power of these symbols .

Worst trend of the year: Emo
I just don't like it.
Also yucky: the excess h's in text and internet language like "hello poh"

Best gadget of the year: USB portable drive. Greater capacity and function has made storing content a breeze and now, it can be used for wireless internet, too!

Worst gadget: Gadgets that conked out

Don't you just hate stuff that just stop working? Jon's phone, Papa's phone, our office phone...I jsut wish everything works in 2010!
Speaking of the year of the tiger, look what my parents dug up from our tambak: a cat puppet I made in college for our play. I don't remember its name but I will call her Catty 'coz she's fierce in a bad way.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year 2010

Oct 31:We welcomed the new year with a simple meal of ham, sparkling grape juice and pasta with meatballs by yours truly. We didn't set off fireworks but we heard and smelled them just the same.

Twinx set the camera to take pictures automatically and panicked when it started clicking and we had yet to light our sparklers. Jon had already changed when we said we were taking more pix.

Jan 1: Next day at the Pandayan reunion.
After lunch, we screend the movie Kimmy Dora and I was so glad they enjoyed it. Even the kids who probably didn't understand it laughed at Eugene Domingo's antics. Twinx later informed me that our 20-something nephew even got teary-eyed near the end. It's ok, we got choked when we sawit on the big screen, too!

Some people were trying to pass themselves off as kids to get some aguinaldo

A highlight of this year was the Pinoy Henyo game. The rules weren't made clear so they had to do 3 rounds to determine the winner. In the end they just decided to split the prize money 4 ways. They were so exhausted they passed on a round of videoke.

Jan 2: Jon's birthday! We ate lunch at Conti's then went to Pasay to show old videos of Jon's first birthday and a video of New Year circa 2001.

We shopped for Jon's gifts and had dinner at Max's Fried Chicken before plopping into bed.


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