Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year 2010

Oct 31:We welcomed the new year with a simple meal of ham, sparkling grape juice and pasta with meatballs by yours truly. We didn't set off fireworks but we heard and smelled them just the same.

Twinx set the camera to take pictures automatically and panicked when it started clicking and we had yet to light our sparklers. Jon had already changed when we said we were taking more pix.

Jan 1: Next day at the Pandayan reunion.
After lunch, we screend the movie Kimmy Dora and I was so glad they enjoyed it. Even the kids who probably didn't understand it laughed at Eugene Domingo's antics. Twinx later informed me that our 20-something nephew even got teary-eyed near the end. It's ok, we got choked when we sawit on the big screen, too!

Some people were trying to pass themselves off as kids to get some aguinaldo

A highlight of this year was the Pinoy Henyo game. The rules weren't made clear so they had to do 3 rounds to determine the winner. In the end they just decided to split the prize money 4 ways. They were so exhausted they passed on a round of videoke.

Jan 2: Jon's birthday! We ate lunch at Conti's then went to Pasay to show old videos of Jon's first birthday and a video of New Year circa 2001.

We shopped for Jon's gifts and had dinner at Max's Fried Chicken before plopping into bed.

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