Sunday, November 21, 2010

pregnant pause

Upon her doctor's advice, Twinx spent a week back home so that she  could get some bedrest for her growing baby! For lunch, Ma and Twinx made molo soup. It's a chore to make but so satisfying. Good thing sis was here to help make it!
The dumplings before going into the soup. A neighbor suggested we place them in front of the fan for a few moments before going into the soup to help keep the wrapper from slipping off. I don't know the reason behind this but it worked!
With nothing to do but eat, sleep or watch TV, Twinx would often get sleepy or hungry, which she says is part of being pregnant, but I'm not so sure... that would mean she's been pregnant for years! Kidding!
Anyway, the dumplings have been plopped into the steaming hot soup and Ma added the spring onion and toasted garlic.
Here's the finished product. It had just been on the table for a few minutes and it was already half-empty by the time I took a picture.
Just like old times. Twinx with the family. Hope you enjoyed your stay!
For dessert, some yellow watermelon. It tastes the same, but it sure looks peculiar.


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