Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Enchanting Siquijor Day 2:Coco grove

Coco Grove Resort in San Juan is definitely the biggest and poshest resort in all of Siquijor. It has a beachfront of 800 meters of white sand and a marine sanctuary exclusively for its guests. That's why it's also the most expensive on the island. (But  at P4,100/night, really cheap compared to Boracay and other more touristy islands) So guests can just relax under shade of the native huts or swim in the shimmering sea without having to worry about someone taking their stuff or dealing with pesky trinket sellers.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Enchanting Siquijor day 1

Siquijor's sea port. I have never seen a port this clean!

I was totally ready to accept that our trip to the mysterious island of Siquijor was jinxed.
First, my tour guide's father died so he couldn't take us around the island. He said he would bring a substitute tour guide who I never even talked to.
Then, we almost missed our flight! I was so busy with my plans I mistook our time of arrival in Dumaguete for our time of departure! Luckily, I checked our flight details just before going to sleep and found out our flight was for 7:10am and not 8:25am.
And what do you know? Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes, which led to our missing our ferry to Siquijor! I won't even go into how my betadine solution leaked all over my first aid kit...


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