Friday, March 23, 2007

Suzu Kin

Last January, we said goodbye to one of our officemates. She had been with the company for 20 years and was finally convinced that it was time she prioritized her family. We were saddened by her news not only because she always brought fod with her, but also because in the short time we spent with her (she moved to our section barely a year ago) we found her to be genuinely delightful.
That's why for her despedida, we had not one, but 3 farewell dinners in her honor! The first one was a North Park feast at the office. Next was a late dinner at Suzu Kin. We just upped and went to the small resto tucked away in a little corner of Makati. The sign was rather small and the place wasn't fancy. The menu was written on folders posted on the wall and the serving dishes very plain. But the food was delectable and very affordable!For P110, you could have a sampler of tempura, tonkatsu and other specialties. May rice at miso soup pa!So if you're hankering for authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices, check it out!

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