Friday, January 26, 2007

Amici di Don Bosco

We finally got to eat at the Blog-famous Amici di Don Bosco in Makati. I went to school just beside that place when it was still a yucky cafeteria that served overcooked and bland spaghetti. Then my brother went to school in Don Bosco, too but we never ate there.
Fortunately, Jon's birthday came up and we wanted to try someplace new. And I'm glad we did! It's still a cafeteria style place but it's larger and better now. Apparently, an Italian priest took over the kitchen and decided to fill the menu with authentic Italian cuisine. At about P120 ($24) a plate it's cheaper than our usual restos but too costly to try everyday.
The place is always packed on weekdays when yuppies in ties fill up on either the pizza and pasta specialties or the Filipino rice meals which are always changed. I was surprised one Friday afternoon when I checked the place out. It was way past lunch but the place was still full!

Top to bottom: Pa's order, Montanara; My order was the Lasagna al Forno; Jon's was the Spinach Canneloni which he wasn't too happy with as it had no meat; Twink's order--the Seafood marinara. They all tasted good but the winner for me was the seafood pasta as the shellfish was really fresh. Jon also ordered a thin crust pizza. I had creamy tiramisu for dessert and they had the sinfully divine gelato/ice cream in hazelnut flavor.Mmmmm! So good I forgot to take a picture. (Nakalimutan ko ang pangalan ko sa sarap)

They also sell Italian chocolate and bread and panini. Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays.

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