Tuesday, January 09, 2007

thank you 2006!

A much delayed(thanks to that earthquake in Taiwan which slowed down asia's internet access) look back at the year that was.
-Finally went to Boracay
-learned Illustrator
-Spent more time with my Canadian relatives
-started blogging (and reading other people's blogs which is so time-consuming!)
-said goodbye to inaanak Gela, Francine, Keana and inaanak Kevvin :(
-Finished that humongous clan drawing(1 year in the making!)
-upgraded to a dvd-burning computer set up
-watched my first Imax movie
-lost some officemates to France and Taiwan
-discovered Dampa!
-went on a walking tour of Intramuros
-became a sleep-deprived commentator for classmates' wedding
-supertyphoon milenyo drenched all our plans for the reunion and showed us how dependent we are on technology
-surprised by all the gifts i got at xmas!

got my picture with Mau.YEY!

All in all it was a good year. Special mention must go to the time I spent with my tita chuchie and tita luday. Since Carlos Celdran of the Intramuros walking tour was away, i did my best to recreate the whole experience for my tita, though she did pose some tough questions i was unable to answer! So much to be thankful for! Ilook forward to a better year ahead brimming with endless possibilities!

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