Sunday, April 12, 2009

visita iglesia 2009

It was the Maundy Thursday and Twinx tested out her new camera.

We started at the spanking new, reconstructed Magallanes Church which was closed when we got there last year. The place is huge and there were ushers everywhere! Next stop was San Sebastian, Twinx's favorite church. She tried many times to get a clear picture of the interior but the mass and low light conditions inside proved to be a challenge.She had better luck at San Beda and its painted ceilings.This was St. Jude. Camera out of focus (gutom na yata ang kumuha)

Quiapo Church had fewer than expected people inside probably because mass was over.

Beautiful facade of San Agustin, the only church in Intramuros that survived the American bombing of Intramuros in World War 2 because it was made a red cross refuge. And finally, we prayed at the Manila Cathedral. Again, the pix are a bit blurred...the photographer was already famished....nanginginig na sa gutom! As a sacrifice, we didn't eat anything from the food stalls around the churches like the isaw or the fried squid. We just ate our baon fudgee bars and water before rushing to Max's for dinner! My cheeks are already sunken from extreme hunger. heehee!
tradisyon na ito!

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