Sunday, March 29, 2009

pa's birthday and earth hour

Chicken risotto was ok, not as fantastic as the seafood risotto

The shrimps wrapped in bacon and asparagus was an explosion of flavor! Too bad there were only 4 pieces.

we had dinner at italianni's for pa's birthday and we were worried about what would happen if we stayed till 8:30pm, when Makati and the rest of the country turns off their lights for earth hour. The waiters informed us that their resto would only be dimming their lights and provide candles because they might have food accidents if they turn off all their lights. Too bad, since we were planning to escape in the darkness when we asked for our bill. hehe.
Most of Ayala did turn off their lights and according to the news, so did SM's Mall of asia.

this was the view from greenbelt's parking lot.

and this is greenbelt 1 all dark save for the headlights of vehicles.

and this is amorsolo street and mile long. some establishments chose not to participate... earth killers! booo!

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