Monday, May 03, 2010

Day 1: Puerto Princesa

April 22, 2010. Day one of our Puerto Princesa-El Nido adventure

After an okay trip last year, I decided that this summer would be magnificent. We would go to THE most beautiful place in the country-- El Nido. But a direct flight would cost too much so we decided to hit 2 tourist destinations in one trip. So we flew to Puerto Princesa and were met at the airport by the son of the owner of Audissie pension. (More on accommodations in a later post)
Tip: Upon arrival, briefly pass by the city tourism office beside the airport and get a map of the city. The staff will also help you with whatever you might need.

We checked in early at Audissie and then headed out for lunch. I had read about the good food at Haim's Chicken Inato/Balai Inato so we got a trike to take us there. (More on good food in a later post)

Tip: Always settle beforehand how much you'll pay for the trip. It should only cost P7-P8 per person within the city so you won't be overcharged. Sidenote: a funny thing about the trikes in Palawan, they don't have seats in back , so for a group of 5, 2 of you must sit uncomfortably on a metal ledge , facing 2 co-passengers, and with your backs to the windshield.

After lunch, we just bought drinking water and went back to our rooms for a short siesta. After merienda, we went on a walking tour of Puerto Princesa. Too bad budget and time constraints didn't permit for a trip the underground river or Honda Bay...maybe next time?
But we did go to Plaza Cuartel(above) and the neo-gothic Immacualte Conception church which reminded us of the grander San Sebastian in Manila.

We also hung out at their Baywalk, a nice open-air park by the sea where one can rent a bike or view the sunset.

By 7:00pm , we were on a trike again to Ka Lui restaurant, one of the most famous dining places in Puerto Princesa. This is really a tourist destination because of the owner/s went wild creating a very Filipino-themed restoand art gallery with lots of creative touches and surprises everywhere. (More soon)Very important tip: If you want to eat at Ka Lui, have your hotel/pension reserve a table for you right away as the resto is always full! Note that they are closed on Sundays.

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