Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't stop believin'!

A century after demcoracy was introduced in the Philippines, we have finally entered the age of automation! The country's first automated elections was held today, May 10,2010 and all our votes were counted. Of course, we did have to wait for 4 hours because of the long lines but luckily we came prepared with water, newspapers and books, mp3 players, food and foldable chairs. This picture was taken at 9:30am, then we changed into white shirts before going to the precinct and got home for late lunch at 2pm! Let's hope this exercise will be peaceful and successful!

edited to add...yup, looks successful so far, though we're still praying mar roxas wins. meanwhile, here's a look at the paraphernalia that we got from the 2010 campaign

poor Alex Lacson...this was a good man for the senate. my heart breaks for risa hontiveros because she was so close. i hate that damned lito lapid!
the fashion statement for the season: baller IDs and car stickers
this watch was from an editor.and my latest acquisition: a locally made phone dedicated to tita cory and ninoy. I bought this on election day to celebrate!
It contains photos and videos of tita cory and ninoy as well as prayers and trivia.

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