Sunday, August 10, 2008

when i was smarter than a fifth grader...

in the days before cellphones with digital cameras, we had a class play for our reading class and our teacher required us to document rehearsals with pictures. i don't know who took these pics i found in our cabinet but i am eternally grateful. these are priceless ! Above, that's me as the director in the bitin polo shirt with Lennard Saballe acting like an old man. I wish I could remember what this play was.looking on are dennis serna, christian magno and others whose names escape me at present. sorry!

That's Aldwin Balde acting all contrary as usual.

That structure behind us is all gone now. We used to stay under them when it rained while we were playing patintero
Age of innocence: classmates Frank Lopez, Cyrus Cunanan, William Tolentino, Hernandez, Narvaez, Hugo, Lipana and Vargas. We were called by our surnames in school. Very military-like, no?

That's Abot probably before a costume change.

That's one of my fave teachers, Ms. Evasco, now Mrs. Salcedo.

That's Dennis Rosel and other classmates right before the play. The date on the board says March 20, 1989! Too bad the pics of the actual play were exposed and ruined.

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