Friday, August 29, 2008

T shirt art!

I love having 2 days off from work. Even if it's not a regular weekend, it gives me a chance to rediscover my hobbies like editing and burning DVDs and now, fabric painting! I used to do lots of these in high school and college but work got in the way.
I've had this in my head for years but it's just now that I finally got around to it. My mom bought these shirts years ago! I call the painting above "Dalagang nagte-text." I used acrylic and fabric paint to sign it. My canvas is an XL cotton black shirt.

This is the first of my "I luv eat" series. This is "halo-halo-special ." Acrylic and fabric paint on Medium electric blue shirt.And this is "Mahilig si padre sa Starbucks White tsokolate-e"My sister says I could make a killing if I sold these at her school. But if I handpainted lots of these, my arm would fall off.


UPDATE: i have placed more shirt paintings on my multiply site


aiLee920 said...

ei, kua adrian, this is brilliant, nakakatuwa!! maybe someday u'll be selling handpainted t-shirts on the net. :D

mojacko said...

maybe,maybe...anyway, i'll put all the new paintings at
add mo ko!


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