Monday, July 21, 2008

recent drawings

some stuff i did on pinoy primetime's reigning queens

and some drawings i made for our newsletter survey on who they liked better: iron man or batman. batdude won!


Anonymous said...

hi kuya adrian! i love the iron man & batman drawings, can i save them on my computer?

Anonymous said...

Ang cute naman nito! Sana lagay din ng PDI sa shirt tapos padalan nyo ako. :) just a thought.


mojacko said...

ay baka matapunan ng shanghai bistro! :D bowling shirt ang meron tsaka malamang anniv shirt

mojacko said...

andrew, check your dad's email! i sent u a nicer copy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kuya! :) Thanks for removing the watermark too, my Dad said we can frame it!


mojacko said...

you're welcome! glad u laiked it! :)


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