Monday, July 07, 2008

Ma and Pa's anniversary

Pix from Conti's in Paranaque where we celebrated my parents' wedding anniv.
red-letter day. mama was going to wear red ,too but twinx who was at the ateneo earlier that day would have felt left out.baked prawns. conti's bestseller and what jon will order next time we go here. he loves anything topped with melted cheese.crazy, blinding flash from my camera

twinx's order: a tall slice of mango bravo, shared with pa

jon's order: oreo cheesecake with ma's blueberry cheesecake in the background

my choco torte. i wanted the peach walnut torte but they were all out of it. boo!

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Anonymous said...

Hi this Lennard Saballe. I was browsing the web and your site caught my attention. I am happy you still remember me as your classmate during highschool. You still even got the spelling of my first name correct (other's would normally spell it with a o) Those where the days...I am glad that you posted it. Wait...who is this anyway... I wanted to get in touch with my classmates in don bosco for quite sometime now...hope to hear from you soon


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