Tuesday, July 01, 2008

now available on dvd!

This is the very delayed sequel to 2007's box-office hit, Dana's Sweet 16. We pick up where we left the Garcias as they celebrate Lola's birthday and commemorate Lolo one year later. Watch the singing and the dancing, oh Lord, the dancing in never- before- seen footage! And see how even a super-typhoon couldn't stop this family from going to the beach in La Luz, Batangas where they even get to tape an episode of Imbestigador!!!
Plus, a cool slideshow featuring photos by Jasmine Garcia Larouche!
(Medyo over-long at almost 1 hour, insiders say the director wasn't able to edit it much as he was rushing to finish it in time for his Kuya Nicky's arrival.hehehe)

Finally, the much-awaited video of Gela's 7th birthday is out on dvd! See how a father's love brings the Garcias of Great Britain back to the Philippines for a magical party filled with all the pomp and pageantry of a debut! With a special appearance by Jollibee!
Special features include a short trip to Pueblo por la playa and Little Gela, a look back at Gela as a cute little baby in Lucena.
Critics hail it as a "minor gem!" and "Fun for the whole family!"
All available from AGR Cinema.

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