Sunday, May 18, 2008

refrigerator cake with peaches and cream

Refrigerator cakes are basically easy, no-bake desserts made with broas/lady fingers or graham crackers as the base, whipped cream and fruit cocktail.

Here's how to make my variation of the ref cake:

Whip 2 cartons of 250 ml all purpose cream. Mix in half a cup of condensed milk. Place a layer of broas at the bottom of a deep dish. Spoon a layer of the whipped cream to cover the broas. Top with sliced peaches and chopped cashew nuts. Place another layer of broas, cream and nuts. Chill in ref for a few hours and enjoy! So easy yet so good! I've also used mamon as the base and it's more cake-like. Also try using walnuts or pecans!

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