Friday, May 09, 2008

hinulugang taktak

went to antipolo on a thursday to avoid the crowds and were able to hear mass inside quite comfortably and parking was not a problem at all. we then went up to the stairs leading to the image of our lady of peace and good voyage(sadly, no picture-taking allowed). there is now a small exhibit showing the clothes and the perfumes donated to the holy image. there were also pictures of the old cathedral which was destroyed by american bombs during the 2nd world war. most of what survived can now be found at the san agustin museum.

bas relief depicting the arrival of the image in manila

one of the few surviving statues from the original cathedral

naturally, we had to but kasuy (P300/kilo) and suman. maybe it's because it was an ordinary day, there weren't many fruits available. no duhat or mangoes, just bought some siniguelas(P60/kilo)

for P50, one can ride the hammock while 2 men carry you around the plaza

then, we decided to try and find the famed hinulugang taktak, the waterfalls of antipolo which was immortalized in the song "tayo na sa antipolo". we tried looking for it before but then as now, there are no clear signs to direct you to it. we did manage to find it now and for a measly P8, you can get in and enjoy the view of a once glorious treasure which is now sadly, polluted. foam from detergents is all over the water which is now unsafe for swimming. but there are still swimming pools and picnic tables around and i imagine that with just a bit of sprucing up and a political will, hinulugang taktak can be saved.

save hinulugang taktak!

too bad they were cleaning the big pool that day


xGTR said...

ooohhh i miss that suman..the one in the yellow wrapper right...where you dip it in sugar.....:) i'm hungry now....

BTW ...Mari and the kids might swing by pandayan on sunday....May 18

mojacko said...

wow, sana makita namin sila! di ko lang sure kasi may pasok ako...
i remember you and arvin and kuya arnel would walk to antipolo on holy thursday tapos tulog na tulog na pag-uwi sa bahay :D


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