Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chrismas memories

it's that time of the year again but due to lots of busy times at home and at work, I haven't bought any gifts yet! I ususally buy stuff for my godchildren early october. but my wowa's arrival, editing dana's debut and covering nico's 1st communion has got me swamped! not that i'm complaining...

but i do wish i could get some really good gifts for my inaanaks this year. problem is, i don't know what's the hot gift for kids nowadays...i'm probably the worst gift-giver in their eyes coz i always give cutely-illustrated filipino storybooks. ugh! they'd probabaly cry: it's like getting homework for christmas!!!

i was shopping for a gift for my cousin nico at SM last week and my head hurt just looking at all the stuff on sale at such exorbitant prices! i felt sorry ,too coz i looked at the new transformers toys and they were made of cheap-looking plastic and priced at almost a thousand pesos! poor kids. my 1st transformer was red alert and he looked awesome!

i remember counting the days before christmas break and spending all day watching christmas cartoon specials on TV. when i'd go to my dad's office, i'd look inside his metal file cabinet and touch the he-man "dragon walker" toy he had hidden for my christmas gift. hehehe! i don't know if i remembered to act surprised when i finally got it on christmas morning.
all these memories came flooding back when i saw some GI joe toys on display! My cousins and i knew we couldn't possibly collect all of them so we just updated each other on what we had so we wouldn't be buying duplicates. i almost squealed when i saw my old toys "duke", "flint", "barbecue", "scarlet", "snake eyes"!!! most of them got destroyed while playing slide down the clothesline...and these new editions were P349 each! man, i would buy mine at cartimar for only P89! and i still think they look better than these new ones. but i really almost bought them to give to some of my inaanaks hoping they wouldn't like them so that i could have them all to myself! bwahahaha!!! god, i really should grow up!

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