Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mojacko's recently viewed movies

I loved Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and I recently viewed his earlier work, The Devil's Backbone and loved it even more! It's a more straightforward ghost story with similar elements of Spain's civil war and creepy characters, human or otherwise.

I wondered why we couldn't think of something like it that was intriguing, intelligent and steeped in local lore and history till I remembered we did. Before we started aping japanese horror, we had Diosa and Haplos way back in 1982! Although I was only able to watch them on TV in the afternoon during summer breaks.

Diosa starred Lorna Tolentino as a vengeful encanto whose treasures were stolen by a horny conquistador. Thereafter, every male descendant of that Spaniard was cursed to fall in love with a mysterious woman who would lead him to ruin. Brothers played by nerdy Lloyd Samartino and playboy Alfie Anido are the last generation who are ensnared by Lorna's beauty. Save for the dated special effects and some English diction problems ("What do you mean by that, huuuh?") this movie could put current films like T2 and Feng Shui to shame.

Even more haunting is Haplos, starring Vilma Santos as a modern woman caught in a truly bizarre love triangle with Christopher de Leon and Rio Locsin as a mysterious barrio lass who turns out to be a ghost who was killed by Japanese soldiers in World War 2!!! When Christopher finds out the truth he is so traumatized by it, Vilma has to ask for Rio's help as a last resort! The ending will leave you thinking of it long after the credits have faded.

I do hope we make unique movies again someday. I have heard good things about Yanggaw...

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Anonymous said...

hinanap ko ung ending ng haplos at oo nga napaisip ako sa ending... lol!



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