Friday, September 18, 2009

some new shirts

here are some things I've been busy with: Above is a handpainted shirt of Wonder Woman typing the very Sex & the City lines "I couldn't help but wonder..." I've gotten requests for this shirt but I think this will go to my mom.
And this is a shirt my uncle asked me to make in remembrance of the death of Tita Cory. I designed this myself and was very lucky to find a good t-shirt printer here: They're fast and the print quality is amazingly clear. And unlike the digiprint t-shirts I had made last summer, these shirts retain their sharpness and color after washing. I'm thinking of designing a wonder woman shirt and have it printed like this na lang to accommodate my friends' orders. Handpainting just takes too long!


aiLee920 said...

cool... ang galing mo po tlga kua mojacko!!! yehey... penge ren ako... hehehhe just kidding!

mojacko said...

sige, alin gusto mo at ano size mo?


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