Sunday, November 08, 2009

quick trip to lucena

Went to Lucena to visit Wowa and also to visit Wowo a week after All saints day to avoid the traffic. Above is Tito Dante preparing pasta puttanesca. Wowa is busy arranging flowers my Mama bought for Wowo.
The sun had already set when we arrived but Wowa said the flowers were quite lovely...

...and expensive so we didn't leave them there.

We just left the ones not in the vase for the grave and Wowa would just bring the rest home near a picture of Wowo.

Here's a quick pic of Tito Dante's puttanesca. We only put a little sauce as it was a little salty because of the anchovies. Still, very delicious and much appreciated as we went back home! Thanks Tito!

Merry Christmas!!! Wow, they got their tree up already!

nostalgia alert!...just took a pic of my he-man sticker that's still on my cabinet before they peel off like that small sticker of a he-man vehicle at his feet. kinda looks like he-man had an "accident" no? that constipated look doesn't help, either.


Anton said...

Nice video upload post before, and your comments on this one are too funny lol


mojacko said...

thanks ian! thanks for evreetheeng!


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