Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stop the press!

I think I may have to change my choice for best movie of 2010... I only saw it this January but it is indeed my top choice of 2010 and maybe 2011!
Mojacko recommends...RPG Metanoia! It's the first 3D animated film  from the Philippines and it is amazing! Sure, the animation is not as fluid as Pixar's but it got the most important part right--the story!

RPG (Role Playing Game) Metanoia is about a kid who is awful at sports but a champ at online gaming where he is a hero who can slay monsters in an imaginary world which the creators have imbued with very Pinoy details like calesas, moriones helmets and cobble stone streets.. Circumstances lead him and his friends to give up gaming and discover Pinoy street games like patintero and piko. Meanwhile the gaming world is in turmoil as an evil player is turning everyone into zombies even in the real world! And now, only Nico and friends can save the world!

I love how proudly Pinoy it is (daing na bangus! owner type jeeps! sari-sari stores!) and how the creators have meshed their love for gaming with their fondness for the games of their youth without hitting the audience on the head with a moral lesson.

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