Sunday, March 06, 2011

Twinx birthday at Aristocrat

Twinx treated us at Aristocrat  along Roxas Blvd. for her birthday. The last time we ate here was for Twinx's graduation  from university.

We were very excited to try it out once again as we usually ate in the Makati area but in consideration of the pregnant birthday girl, we chose something closer to their home. Weird weather,though, it drizzled all night when March usually meant the beginning of the dry, hot days. The rain meant heavier traffic, that's why we got to the resto before them.

Twinx with Ma

We ordered set meal 1, which had Twinx's request : crispy pata plus fish fillet, ho to tai soup and rice for four people(around P1,200) We ordered kare-kare  and 2 more cups of rice. Twinx said she was afraid she'd get kabag again from eating too much kare-kare and I said, don't worry, we'll eat it!

Ho to tai soup

Kare- kare (small serving, around P300---a letdown)

Crispy Pata (they had already pre-cut the pork, which was helpful but lessened the thrill of seeing a whole deep-fried pork leg )
Fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce. This was actually good.
The drinks: Aristocrat iced tea, dalandan and calamnisi juice.

Sad to say, though, that Aristocrat is not as good as it once was. The soup wasn't piping hot or flavorful, the food, even the specialties like kare-kare and crispy pata  weren't special. In fact, I think Gerry's grill would provide more value for money and stomach. Still, a happy dining experience because we were together again and catching up on news. We talked about baby names and our trip to Boracay and family news.
Thanks for the treat Twinx!

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