Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Baby Alex, the newest member of the family spent his first Christmas in Lucena. They rode with ma and pa in the car while Jon and I rode the bus on Christmas eve. (Bus ride from Alabang to Lucena is P168 aircon) Luckily, most people had gone to the province days earlier so our trip was hassle-free. The only wrinkle was that it would rain now and then like when we arrived at employees or when we left. Alex brought a renewed sense of wonder about Christmas to the household.

Truly, Christmas is for kids. Too bad kids and grandparents also got tired early so by 10pm, we had already opened gifts and were in bed. Sorry we weren't able to chat with all of you. Christmas morning we saw the hordes of people who said "namamasko po!" even at the cemetery when we visted Wowo in the rain! After lunch we headed home. Thanks to tito dante for helping us get a bus. We also made a video of deck the halls.


Tito nicky also made one


Last wednesday, the Nuguids were here after their trip to tagaytay. Alex is now 6 months and eager to taste everything. We went to ayala triangle for an advanced celebration of jon's birthday and we were surprised to see so many people there for the christmas light show! We waited for a table for an hour but it was worth it. We had hainanese chicken at we nam kee and alex got to taste spinach soup and lime juice. Pics coming soon!

Happy new year everyone!

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