Monday, April 15, 2013

Campaign season!

I joined a logo contest recently and it had 2 rounds of judging. The first would be the popularity vote. Contestants would have to enjoin their friends to vote for their logo once. The top 20 with the most votes would qualify for the 2nd round where they would actually judge how the logo looks. Voting was easy. No registration of facebook accounts required. The only problem was getting people to take 2 sconds to go to the site and click vote.
 I'm kind of a veteran when it comes to campaigning for votes so this was my first appeal on facebook. Simple and straighforward. The only problem with entering 3 logos is that my votes was also split.
 I also made a cartoony post that spoofed politicians to appeal to the young ones.
 I also showed a sample of one entry that had already had a lot of votes just 3 days later. I don't want to sound mean, but c'mon!
***Update*** This entry went on to have an insane 8,000+ votes for each logo which must have triggered some alarm bells. Days later, this entry was pulled out.
 To appeal to the masses who were in love with a certain soap, I went with a fake endorsement from their stars.
Finally, I went for the geek vote and used an image of Tyrion Lannister from the series Game of Thrones. So far I now have 171 votes.

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