Friday, March 07, 2014

New discovery: Recipes by Cafe Metro

I've always been wary of Shangri-La in Mandaluyong because it looks so chi-chi and expensive. Luckily, my friend Mara treated us to lunch there and took us to Recipes.

And surprise! The food was good and relatively affordable!
All photos courtesy of Mara

Pork Binagoongan 215.00
Recipes is filipino cuisine with a twist, as demonstrated by this addition of  green mango with the usual pork slices in shrimp paste, or bagoong. But it's such a natural pairing because bagoong is is used as a dip to temper the sourness of unripe mango.
Bangus Teriyaki 190.00
This was a new one for me. Deep fried bangus strips sit on a teriyaki marinade , topped with a fried egg. There wasn't much sauce, my classmates noted. Maybe so the fish would renain crisp? Personally, i prefer good old daing na bangus.
Seafood rice ( P110)
I forgot if this was indeed seafood rice or garlic rice but it went well with everything.
General's Chicken 218.00
I don't know which general they're referring to but it was ok. This is made up of chicken bits dredged in flour and deep fried and mixed with a mildly sweet sauce and slices of eggplant.

Overall, quite a pleasant surprise though this resto might get better reviews if I wasn't comparing it to the next resto I went to (see next post)

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