Sunday, November 09, 2014

Peter Lee's Tea House

We were staying at the Luneta Hotel over the weekend and while the room rates were reasonable, we found the food prices at their Cafe Yano just too expensive!

The menu with a cartoon of the owner

We also didn't want to use the car because we couldn't fit my sister and her family, which would mean they'd have to take the taxi in erratic Manila traffic. Aristocrat and the rest of the Roxas Boulevard restos seemed so far away so we decied to walk around TM Kalaw and prayed we'd find a decent place for lunch and dinner.

Luckily, we saw Peter Lee's Tea House. Truth be told, it looked like it had seen better days but we were hungry so in we went.

My mom wanted the shabu-shabu and it was her birthday weekend, PLUS she was paying so we agreed. It was good but nothing extraordinary. I preferred the pork and tofu.
Robert Jaworski was here! 

For dinner, I wanted to go to San Agustin's Ristorante delle Mitre but it was too far. Maybe next time?
So we found ourselves in Peter Lee's again.
Fish lips soup

Fried chicken

Sweet chili crab


Beef with broccoli

Steamed fish

We ordered a variety of food, all of which was quite tasty. And the service was friendly and efficient. Best of all, very affordable! I think the bill for 6 people was under P3,000

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