Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sieg's: the return

 We got locked out of Max's again because they closed at 8PM on Maundy Thursday. I suggested Sinangag Express along Better Living but was met with stony silence. Fortunately, Sieg's was open!
Bless their hearts for staying open for hungry pilgrims on the road! :)
Ma ordered the clam chowder which was served quickly.

 In keeping with the Holy Week, they were showing "The Ten commandments" on their projector
 Dalandan juice was so refreshing!
 We ordered their specialty, the calderetang kambing. It was ok but I like the Pinoy version with gata. Later, as I reviewed my previous post on sieg's, I found out I had ordered this before but it obviously wasn't memorable.
 Ah, this was much better! The crispy tuna tail tasted almost like crispy pata. I told myself it was probably the helahtier choice.
 I don't remember what this was exactly but it wasn't too good.
But we liked the dessert, frozen brazo de mercedes, which we shared, it was still Lent after all!

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