Friday, May 05, 2006

wala lang

we were watching a dvd of "the producers" this morning. i was eager to see this as i had heard so many good things about the musical starring nathan lane and matthew broderick. it had its moments but it wasn't big-laugh funny. something felt off. then i saw the end credits and found out that mel brooks didn't direct it. a-ha! the choreograpgher also directed it!
uma thurman did surprise us with her singing and dancing skills. my sister wondered how come so many stars had secret talents we didn't know of. i said that's because they don't have a gma supershow there. in our country, when stars promote their movie, they have to sing or dance regardless of their capabilities.
one of the most unforgettable promotions caught on tv was former president's daughter kris aquino singing on that show then suddenly disappearing from the world ! she wasn't wearing contact lenses and fell off the stage!

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Character malfunction said...

walang tatalo talaga sa GMA supershow. German Morena should be given a national artist award.


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