Monday, May 29, 2006

Trip to Lucena

We went to Lucena yesterday to visit our Lola Vena who celebrated her 91st birthday. We were supposed to go last week but had some car trouble. We later realized that this Sunday would coincide with the town fiesta and that the 2 major networks were going to have a show there. (Here's the dirt: Mayor wannabe James Cooper, yes, hairdresser of Maricel Soriano initially invited Abs-Cbn stars but they turned him down. So he got Gma stars instead. When Abs-Cbn heard of this, they immediately decided to send stars, too.) We still went and prayed we wouldn't get stuck in traffic. We got to Tita Gina's place and my eyes landed on this:

O di ba? Groovy! We chatted while waiting for Ate Annalisa and her brood which took a longtime as they were stuck in traffic. Good news! Ate Annalisa and the kids' visas have been approved. We first went to nearby Trees and Greens(?) for lunch but they were sadly unprepared for guests so we hied off to Palaisdaan, the original one since the new one was overflowing with guests.

Next stop was Lola Vena's and we were glad to see she was quite healthy and strong. We greeted her happy birthday from all of you guys.We ate ice cream and watched the noontime show on TV broadcasted live from SM Lucena's parking lot.It was scorching hot outside and i felt sorry for the artistas who also had to ride a motorcade around the city.

Finally, we went to Employees' for some shut eye. Poor Ate Annalisa has had her hands full taking care of her kids and doing all the chores as her helper has left (buntis!). It's a good thing I took my vitamins that morning as Gela and Francine are like the energizer bunny!

Fortunately, I did manage to get them to relax.

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Character malfunction said...

wahahahaha the last pic!!!!


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