Saturday, June 10, 2006

Caylabne Bay, Cavite

This is a review I originally contributed to yahoo travel last year.
I was so frustrated at not being able to go to Boracay, I scoured the net for a substitute. I do realize now that this place suffers in comparison.

The best feature of Caylabne Bay is that there were so few visitors when we got there so it was like we had our own beach resort. Maybe because it's not as accessible as other beaches in Cavite. It's roughly 90 minutes from Manila and you have to go around a mountain to get there. Maybe it's pricier than a ferry trip to Puerto Galera. But if you seek solitude but look for room service, too, this is the place for you.

Sidenote: we were staying here when a new pope was elected...

Formerly called Marbella, this place was once exclusively for friends of the late strongman, Ferdinand Marcos. Now, the place is open to the public as long as you can afford it. Go to their website but don't be turned off by the rates. Look for their promos like the 'barkada' package or 'coosome twosome' which are great deals. The beach is clean and so are the pools (the sand is white but nearer the sea it's darker... )

Too bad the bar by the pool is no longer in use, though. The main restaurant offers a great view of the water and the cliffs that surround the bay and the service is warm and pleasant. The food included in our package was bountiful but not spectacular. One does wonder why the food consisted mainly of chicken and pork. They did include one grilled squid but being so near the sea, you'd think they'd have more seafood.

They don't have cable but they do have in-house movies and mp3 playing on tv. The accommodations are excellent and the airconditoner is a godsend for visitors who have to brave the scorching heat to get here. At night you get a strong breeze outside that's perfect for walks on the beach or just relaxing and forgetting you have work waiting for you.

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