Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Father’s day

I know it’s on the 18th, but the family decided to avoid the crowds and celebrate Father's day a week earlier because we might not be home next week.
Twinx said we should try out Uva, a Filipino fusion restaurant in tres chic Greenbelt because her friend’s hubby was a chef there.(He was in Subic when we got there)

So after mass and a short trip to SM to buy Jon’s school uniform, we went to Makati before 11pm, which might have been a tad early as the waiter was still sweeping when we got there.

The place looks classy and expensive, which is standard for the location. I did notice that the menu, divided into 3 (kaon , which means ‘eat’, inom ‘drink’ and postre which is Spanish for ‘dessert’) looks rather crowded.
We chose 2 salads:

Chop chop (P220)is a mix of roasted chicken, chopped veggies with a mildly spicy chili dressing. It came with a warning: BIG SALAD and when we asked how big it was, the waiter said it would be good for 2 people, so we ordered another one, the Pinoy Caesar (P190) which had a garlic and tuyo (dried fish) dressing.

We were quite surprised when the salads arrived. Apparently, ‘good for 2’ meant 2 people who would eat nothing but salad! We weren’t able to finish these . Chop-chop was ok, but I found the tuyo dressing of the Pinoy Caesar too salty. Good thing I had a nice tall glass of their home-brewed iced tea(P75) which was a refreshing delight.

Those egg-shaped things are the salt and pepper shakers
The first dish to come out was the Lamb shank Kaldereta(P370). My sister adores lamb but I found it rather bland.

Next came the Pasta Pesca (P310) which was ok. Can't be too sure though, as it was consumed very quickly!

Then we had the grilled beef tenderloin (P299) which was the best dish of the lot. I also liked the fried, flavored rice that came with it.

For dessert, we shared the Oreos and Bailey’s ice cream(P80) . Recommended for alcoholics and sweet tooths alike! I liked it ,too!

Had to stop the family from devouring this before I could take a picture. Note the messy teaspoon
Of course, Uva is a fine dining resto with all those forks and knives and heavy plates (which made sharing meals difficult!) but I prefer the more informal atmosphere of Italianni’s and the simpler meals of Grilla in Antipolo.
After lunch, we went to the park near the Ayala museum.

There were lots of colorful fish in the pond which made us wish we took home the leftover rice from Uva so we could feed the fishies.

We again went to SM to buy a stationary bike for Twinx's bid for the Ms Universe crown.
Then we hurried home to feed the dogs. 2 of our dogs gave Papa their father’s day gifts by giving birth just a day apart from each other.

Macy (above) and Tiger(below). If you look closely, their pups look alike which means they had the same sperm donor! This explains the constant catfights these 2 have. When Macy gave birth I swear Tiger's eyes were saying "that bitch!"

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Character malfunction said...

PUPPIES!!!!!! Cute!!!!

hahahaha......mas type ko Uva kasi ang food ok whereas italianni's....uhm....mahal na malagkit pa!

Ang sweet naman ng family portrait!!! hehehehe

Sabihin mo kay Twinks na dapat i-ready nya na sarili nya sa Q&A also!


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