Saturday, June 24, 2006

bye bye

Pa, Gela and me with Bunny, a pink puppet I gave the birthday girl

Went to Lucena last sunday to greet Gela a happy birthday. Sadly, we couldn't stay for the party because it would be at 5pm and the rest of the family had to go to school early the next day. But we had to visit because they'd be leaving on the 25th for the UK. We had lunch at Tita Gina's and also chatted with Kuya Alan thru Tita Gina's webcam and wi-fi! Gela, Francine and Ate Annalisa joined us and Gela had me spinning around with her till our heads hurt.

Ate Annalisa's Broiled chicken with mushroom stuffing. Huhuhu, we'll miss this.

Grilled squid stuffed with kamias

Sinigang na bangus

mmmm...Food from my childhood : Binatog is boiled white corn with grated coconut

Then it was off to Employees' for merienda as Tita Gina had her weekly prayer meeting.

Pa, Francine, Gela and Dana (partly hidden)

Gela in costume for her party

Francine thinking of her own English tea party sometime in the future

Hehehe, best shot of the day

Oh, here's Jon in his St. Scho uniform. Fetching, eh?

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Character malfunction said...

jon is in st. scho na??? congrats!!!! :-) so, no worries ka na muna ha? heheh


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